Friday, July 21, 2017

"Boy with the Metal Arm"

Another unmade Corman era relic, this production drawing i did for "Boy..." ... was for an unmade movie Roger asked me to direct .. my art here sorta has a Wrightson-y brush work feel to it, only cruder. 

It's amazing all the art that piles up from unmade Features and Television pitches.  I was spoiled by the unusual amount of control we had over the Maxx animated series.  Follies of youth.

I still have the rights, so maybe i'll do it as a comic someday? 

Or not.

Maybe my time & energy is best spent elsewhere.


Ankh939393 said...

Would love to see these (and other) unused pieces of yours see the light of day (well, beyond your studio and here, lol) in any kind of project.

Shane Hamilton said...

Sam -
Could you do a post about your film making career? I'm interested in how that came about.

juvinwo said...

Sam, whatever drives you, create it! We will read it all!