Thursday, May 4, 2017

Project Back-Log.

Unless i get hit by a tomato truck,

or croak from some goofy disease or something . . .

. .  many Projects I have are so close to done, they could even be published regardless of if i am around or not.

Art of Maxx book,  Mysteries of the Trout a verse, ( either in book form, a series of short films), 101 Maxx covers, half a dozen others . . . . art's all scanned, finished text, etc.

Good news: they are all hand-crafted an piped in directly from my subconscious. Bad news: Not everything my subconscious pumps out is a golden egg.  Lotta rotten eggs in there too. 

Other Snags: my own personal procrastination means their all waiting in "stand-by" mode.  Some are  moldy, cobweb-ed, and dusty.  But, however flawed or indulgent they are, or seem to me to be, i must have faith that most are probably worthy, of eventually,  seeing the light of day.

Even if the masses may scratch their heads or even hate it, even if it just reaches that One Fan, who totally GETS it? 

Then it was all worth it.  

So . . . all i ask is your patience, 

don't give up on me yet.



juvinwo said...

Sam, we always got your back! Can't wait to see all the amazing sam kieth stuff coming! My wallet is READY!

chain said...

I am one with patience and the patience is with me,I am one with patience and the patience is with me,I am one with patience and the patience is with me. Sorry its May the 4 I had to, or should I say May the patience.

Aaron Desira said...

Hey Sam, don't croak out on us yet brother. Can't wait to see what oozes it's way from yr psych next

Michael said...

I only recently learned of your work but I'll be her till the end.