Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bimbo: Lo's Stroke

A dramatic panel from Inner Bimbo, where-in Lo's bimbo notices his face drooping in the mirror.

It was based on a real life close friend of mine who had a stroke, and amazingly drove himself to emergency.  Luckily they caught it in time and made a full recovery.

Interesting how fictional comic-book stories . . . can often reflect really heavy real life stuff we endure.


juvinwo said...

Wow. Such a scary story for your friend. And after hearing that story and seeing the picture, you can feel the terror in his eyes in that picture. Strong emotions.

Anonymous said...

Powerful words and picture.
I'm sorry for your friend.

VeganMike said...

This was such a powerful part of my favorite of your stories. I had no idea it was based on a friend's stroke, and I'm really, really glad your friend made a full recovery!