Saturday, March 4, 2017

The last twenty years..

Something else , athough her nose is a little low. Was trying for a distorted "looking down" angle. Oh well.  Still thought it was worth re-posting.

Don't worry, there's a fresh batch of new Maxx covers on the art table which i'll be posting soon. 


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love this one! I like when you incorporate words into the form. Following word trails forces me look a the details nearby and I end up enjoying it much more like a scenic drive.

It's really awesome how frequently you're posting recently. If it's not a burden for you, it's a huge boost to my day and I bet other fans feel the same. I get nostalgic for Maxx, but really anything that excites you I cool.

Iam Nowhere said...

This is very nice.
Thanks for sharing!

juvinwo said...

He (above) is right. It really is a big boost in our day knowing the progress you are making and the awesome artwork flowing from your fingertips on a daily basis! Great stuff!