Monday, March 6, 2017

Eleanor and the Egret, Second Cover.

Another Eleanor Cover - gee, what is it with me and animals lately?


Here's some processes pics:


Daniel Sardella said...

Love all the animals. This cover is so incredibly "Sammy"!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Keith, I LOVE your animals.
When is this book coming out?
Great post.

juvinwo said...

Can't wait! This is gonna be awesome! To anonymous above^^^^i believe it is coming out starting in April. So issue two, maybe may?

VeganMike said...

Huh! I like it. It's very Sam Kieth, but it's also really cute. I don't often think "adorable" when I look at the creatures you've drawn... and I like it :-)

AnkHknA said...

Issue #1, page 8, RE: "Who gets this one?"

I do.

JooYoung Choi said...

Looks great!!!