Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bernie Wrightson

Just heard the sad news this morning.

His art says more . . .  than any words I could hope to praise him with.

Influenced a whole generation of comic artists, 

myself along with them.

- Sam 


juvinwo said...

RIP Bernie. You will be sorely missed. My only regret is I never got to meet you :( such a talent lost. So a good man now gone. The world is a darker place.

Anonymous said...

You picked the perfect piece of art
to pay respect for this great talent.
The world is better for him having
been in it. RIP Bernie!
Thank You Sam for this post.

spastic.jerk said...

He was probably the only reason I gravitated to comic books at such a young age - was obsessed with his work for years before I even knew to look and see which artist it was. I just knew it was mind blowing. Was devastated when he announced his retirement after the initial stuff, but was not prepared to loose that dude. Will be sorely, sorely missed. May he paint the halls of the afterworld eternal, hatchmarked and chrome...