Saturday, February 25, 2017

Isz: . . . early years of bitter struggle

The reason the Isz has a bruise is because of a joke i heard an editor once say when i was trying to break into the biz: "Everybody's got to take some lumps during their early years." 

This was a "Chapter  1" un-published version of the original Worlds of Sam book.

I was drawing Isz's years before i created the Maxx.  I could never find a good home for him though. For some reason the 'snoopy looking dude' on the right, never made it into the Maxx issues. 


James Best said...

Sam, the idea of the Isz was great. Brings me back to when I first saw one on the cover of Critters 21. If I ever get the privilege to meet you again please consider drawing one for me!

Anonymous said...

I love the Isz—he is almost cuddly,
yet scary at the same time.
Maybe he deserves a book all his own?
This is a great visual picture.

Daniel Sardella said...

The Snoopy Isz on the right is a bit reminiscent of the baby in ERASERHEAD.