Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Maxx Sketch Limited

Here's a LINK to ordering the Maxx Sketch Limited - which went "live" today! ( meaning you can order it) ! 

Now i'll get back to posting some more artwork for a change.. 

..about time, eh? 

: ) 


Beast Man said...

You're the man Sam! thats why i named my first born son after you!

chain said...

less posting, more painting, THEN posting the paintings.

Anonymous said...

I would love to place an order but would need to be able to see the 25 sketches and be able to choose one before plunking down $500.

chain said...

then your out of luck

Anonymous said...

Yup, cause my request is so unreasonable.

Sam Kieth said...

Hey Chain,

Don't mean to make everyone who doesn't wanna buy a trade feel left out of getting a sketch. Remember there's also collectors out there who like limited edition of books. Don't mean wanna snub fans out there who can't or don't wanna pop for a pricey edition.

That's why there's less expensive versions of the same work, coming out later too.

I'm sure you can find something out there, sketch wise from me online. This isn't your only shot. No worries.

There should be enough sam crap out there for everybody.

: )

charles decena said...

hey sam,
are you opening a commission list for sdcc with albert moy this year by any chance? love your stuff man.

Anonymous said...

Hey sam, like everybody else, I love the work. Have been a fan since the 90s, it's been a fun ride =)

With that said do you have any contact info for possible private art?

Mightyduke said...

Sold out!! Good job Sam!! How about a new post to celebrate? Mabey post some of sketches some people are going to get.

Thanks Mightyduke