Friday, June 8, 2012

Mother Daughter Confabulation.

Always been obsessed with Mothers Daughters. And Watercolors. Their a lot alike. 

The whole excuse of the Dana and Nola graphic novels are a chance to explore these issues. It's a little odd as i have no daughter myself, (... luckily i do have a mother).  If your indifferent to Mom-daughter stuff - no worries... it on't be wall-to-wall 'Mothers Daughters' stuff in my future stories, Dana's saga is also to draw weird crap too. 

But just a heads up, it's a theme for me, the generational dysfunctional female stuff. Not always dysfunctional, but just enough to keep things spicy. 

Here's a little one this morning. The goal in this was to stay light. I've always admired how most watercolorist use the white of the board, sorta like an unplugged acoustic "less is more" thing. 

It's how i try to write mom's and daughters too, try not to over-write. 

I also want to avoid sentiment, so i'm giving the mother some lines and age on her face. 

I think i'll lose mom's double chin here, as i want this mom's age to show more. As we all know, weight hides wrinkles. Don't worry if i thin mom down a little here, i have plenty of other chubby Dana sized girls in my universe too.  

The word 'Conflabulation' isn't a typo. It's a semi-made up word, but weirdly enough the urban dictionary has a decryption of it. 

Urban Dictionary: to distract oneself from folly.
(to talk sh*t)  

That's the Urban dictionary's definition. I like the word because it's a combo of 'flab', as in fat, so it's a bastardized version of the word confabulation.  

So what IS Confabulation? (with the L in the usual place): Psychological term: filling in gaps in one's memory with fabrications of what one believes to facts. 

....which is what sisters Dana and Nola are convinced their mother is doing to them. Which may or may not be true. Which is what i'm trying to do in this watercolor, filling in gaps, or maybe it's more like 'fabricating' things? Implying? suggesting? Okay, maybe equating mom-daughters with watercolors is a stretch. 

Let's get back to words: Then there is.... 

Fabulation: popularized by Robert Scholes to describe 20th century novels who's style is primarily 'magical realism' (blending of realism and fantastic elements) and thus, violate or defy traditional realism or romantic fiction. 

now it looks like mom has a friggin' perm, huh? Crap - i'll dab out some of this to keep it light, or try too..

So i'm pretending the word Confabulation has it's root in the word Fabulation, ( which it doesn't, but i just like the idea it does).. and both of these mate and have an illegitimate daughter, 

Thus was born: 

Mother Daughter Confabulation!!!! 

Where-in a daughter (or mother) fills in memory gaps by unconstrained fabrications to avoid unpleasantries or troubling facts in a reality spun from either Mother or Daughter's interior sense of 'magical realism'. 

I could have stayed lighter on the mom's face, but i figured since the point is she IS older.. why sugar coat it? I like a little milage on her, "earned wrinkles".. satisfied my older women fascination. Not in a lurid way, just have always had a soft spot for older woman. 

Thus was born: 

Mother Daughter Confabulation: 
Where-in a daughter (or mother) fills in memory gaps by unconstrained fabrications to avoid unpleasantries or troubling facts in a reality spun from either Mother or Daughter's interior sense of 'magical realism'. 

Mother Daughter Confabulation is also an idea elaborated upon in a series of  'Mother-Daughter Dances' as presented in the Musical 'MOTHer': a musical stage play in Nola imagination ( which she never got around to writing and thus, only existed in her mind). 

Mom's hair is getting out of control huh? Big hair much???? 

Having Nola create but never FINISH a musical is partly an inside joke on my being so late in creating it. But also the stupidity of a whole universe someone creates.. but never gets to see… all that because they are too lazy or bored to ever gets written down or drawn it, is perversely funny to me.  I have dozens 'maxx-like' ideas in my head no one will see either. 

It's also made nola flake on it because i'm semi-afraid *I* may never get around to finishing MOTHer... so by making fun of Nola flaking, i hope to  SHAME me into finishing it. 

..actually this may be her grand daughter (instead of her daughter), given the age i've implied here. 

So, for no reason at all... here's a series of dances from the MOTHer musical

Mother Daughter Withdrawal Waltz 

Mother Daughter Co-dependent Cha-cha-cha 

Mother Daughter Personal-Boundaries Ballet 

Mother Daughter Enmeshment Foxtrot 

Mother Daughter Taste Aversion Two-step 

Mother Daughter  Menopause  Mambo 

Mother Daughter Rehab Rag-time 

Mother Daughter Publication-Bias Polka 

Maybe when MOTHer musical is finally finished, i should sign it 'Nola' instead of using my name? 


Marcus Collar said...

Wowsville Mr.K! ouch

Reminds me of what it is to be an artist. My first release from CCP will be called "weekend Visit" and features amalgamations of my mother and my daughter.

Reminds me of the Jim O'rourke song:

and the title "rehab rag time" hits a familiar chord with me hehe

so have you worked for any playwrites or musical productions..

have you seen what Jamie Hewlett did with the Journey to the west stuff... anyway

so many questions but its fun to just sit back and feel the heat radiate off your postings...

I before E...
no exceptions


cody said...

Love the art, and really love the confabulation reading that really blew my mind. Womens relationships with there mothers are complicated ones, at least from what
I have seen. Really an awesome idea. Can't wait for that one to come out.

jennifer kraska said...

Mothers, Daughters, Watercolors.....all complex relationships. Appropriate medium I think.
Don't you love it when the watercolor snakes all over the page? It's like it has a mind of its own, I get lost in it for hours! Happy painting Sam!

Dan Reece said...

HaHaha I have three sisters and that's spot on! Is it normal that I'm attracted to older women too? i have some thinking to do...

Aaron Desira said...

The only video tape that my grandmother had ( because one of my cousins hid bed knobs and broomsticks because it sucked) was Marry poppins. We watched it litetrally hundreds of times when we visited out of selfish kid bordem. The scene that burns in my memory the most is the measuring tape that insults everyone except mary, ( who is at the height, practically perfect in every way) and this is a tool that she is using to put the children off guard and in their place from the get go. Its the little knives of guilt that our parents put in us to teach us the way they think they should, and it messes you up a little and you carry them for most of your life. I have sisters too it is totally a 'dance' between them and our mum, I think most of the time its that one where you link hands and spin around and around confusing and perplexing one another like mad. Nice word sam.. remind me to never play scrabble with you. Haha :)

Rafael Only said...

It's a good thing seeing unfinished stuff with that great sense of humor... Avoids lots of frustrations, and creates bright NEW ideas, like the MOTHer musical. Pretty inspiring
Nice to see you, Sam!

Arjan said...

Hehe the menopause mambo. Now there's something I would like to see you do a story about.
And the whole "unconstrained fabrications to avoid unpleasantries or troubling facts in a reality" is ofcourse something we've see plenty of times in your work, and it actually is one of the things which make your work stand out from other 'mainstream' comicbook work out there. So the fact that you have a lot more Maxx-like stories in your head is something which gets me excited. Too bad you think we won't be seeing any of those fully worked out. Maybe you can at least share some glimpses of those ideas, here on the blog or in the art-books? Just to get some feedback which might even bring you to different conclusions (like with the Hellraiser pages which you thought you did an awfull job on and which everyone here seemed to love).

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