Friday, November 21, 2014

Cover for my pal Edmund.

An old pal of mine Edmund McMillen, asked me to work on a cover for his new video game, the Binding of Isaac.

His Super Meat Boy game shows his quirky world view, but Isaac seems a whole lot darker and complex, in a good way.

Plus he created a whole slew of monsters for the Game, so that helped a lot.  Monsters, creatures, the usual weirdness is safe ground for me.

And he's a Maxx too, so he knew my style and just seemed to click.

It's kinda cool working with someone from another medium.  I gotta confess i'm not a big gamer, but Edmund was totally cool with giving me as much freedom as possible and he totally put me at ease.

We batted around some ideas for the right angle for the cover. Here's the cover rough in the corner.

I did two version of Isaac, to run past him too.

Even tried the logo in a couple different colors..

Even down to Isaac's tears, which are a big part of the story too. By this time, since Edmund's an artists himself, I handed over the files, as each Monster had it's own layer.

This gave him a chance to tweak any colors or textures. I tried to do Isaac slick, like he is in the game, but once again, Edmund encouraged me to play around with a rougher organic texture, like i did the monsters textures.

Below's my latest stab, but it seems like it keeps evolving, luckily Edmund has enough options/layers to adjust in any way he see's fit. Plus he gave me tens times more freedom than i usually have on most cover's i've done before.

The whole thing was very satisfying for me, and i'm honored to help his own Universe come to life in whatever way i can!

Okay - Until i go another larger process post - it's back to your daily dose.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joker on the line.


One big ass Joker panel...

. . . and three small inset panels.

Guess Arkham prisoners are stuck with the old dinosaur land lines.

Either that, or that's the only kind of phone the artists knows how to draw.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Redoubling my efforts.

hey gang, creative blocks giving me trouble with that longer post,

so here's a couple of daily ones to make up for it.

Above is a logo i was trying out some years ago, just for fun.

Next is a 'Mom' from Mars... ( Attacks )...

And another one of my ' sam kieth' style Tree from the Hollows....

okay - whew ..... thanks for not giving up on me.

: )

- Sam

Monday, November 17, 2014

Maxx color proof

Here's page 1 from Maxx 15.

Sorta of like a 'panel'.  Splash page, really. Thought I'd post this today for a couple of reasons: one is it's been wonderfully colored by the phenomenal Ronda Pattison.  Course Steve Oliff's colors were amazing too.

Check out Julie's original dialogue written along the top.   Somehow her line changed from what's written ... into ..  'how could you?' instead.  I had to think back as to why I originally wrote that, then why at the last minute i did change it.

I seem to remember thinking the first line was too bitchy or sarcastic, even given Julie's 'hedonistic' (tongue in cheek) post-Maxx break-up romp.  'How could you?' is also more emotional, more vulnerable.  Maxx replying "your one to talk" seems a little snarky a think to reply, even for Maxx.

Course none of this matters much either way. But kinda interesting seeing how things morph..i tend to write a lot of notes to myself along  the sides/tops of pages i draw, which some writer/artists tend to do.

I know i promised a longer post.. will get to that this week hopefully.  Meanwhile wanted to throw up something *new* to check out..

- Sam 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

90's Crap.


. . . so this not really a 'panel'.

It's a poster, during the Marvel Presents days, obviously.

His arm anatomy is totally made up and kinda goofy fun . .  in a totally ridiculous way that only 90's super hero comics only could be.

Same kinda applies to the Maxx too, doesn't it?  Crazy stylized.

Curley Phone Cords and such, i mean.

- Sam

Friday, November 14, 2014

Octo Mom?

Here's a left over panel from an canceled project... may find a home in some other story,

. .  provided i write a panel for an octopus.

And here's another panel of Mom, from the Nola book.

So, Octopus and Mom.

I know, nothing to do with each other, but maybe you can make your own story out of it.

I'll post a process post this weekend, as thanks for you all enduring all this little ones.

- Sam

Also, Hero Comics 2014 is NOW out, featuring a short story with Julie the purple guy: